First Annual Conference on the
History of Recent Economics

21-23 June 2007
University of Paris X - Nanterre

2:00-3:00pm Opening Lecture: Why is the public sector so large in market societies? The perspective of myopic choice
Avner Offer, University of Oxford
3:00-3:45pm Economic drama: Leonard S. Silk at Business Week
Tiago Mata, ISEG - Technical University of Lisbon
Discussant: Avner Offer, University of Oxford
3:45pm Coffee/tea break
4:15-5:00pm The suspicious consistency of Milton Friedman's science and politics, 1933-1963
Béatrice Cherrier, EconomiX - Cachan
Discussant: Tiago Mata, ISEG – Technical University of Lisbon
5:00-5:45pm Chicago price theory and Chicago Law and Economics: A tale of two transitions
Steven Medema, University of Colorado at Denver
Discussant: Alain Marciano, EconomiX - Cachan and University of Reims
8:00 pm Conference dinner: Restaurant "Escale à Saïgon"
10:00-10:45am Jacob Mincer and the centrality of human capital for contemporary labour economics
Pedro Teixeira, CEMPRE – University of Porto and CIPES
Discussant: Eve Caroli, EconomiX and University of Nanterre
10:45-11:00am The state at the bedside of “medical economics”: The contribution of CREDOC
Daniel Benamouzig, CNRS - CERMES
Discussant: Hélène Huber, EconomiX
11:30am Coffee/tea break
12:00-12:45pm Tobin's Keynesianism
Robert Dimand, Brock University
Discussant: Roger Backhouse, University of Birmingham
12:45pm Lunch
2:15-3:00pm Early development of experimental economics at the interdisciplinary crossroads
Kyu Sang Lee, Ajou University
Discussant: Jean-Louis Rullière, University of Lyon 2
3:00-3:45pm Economics, psychology, and the history of consumer choice theory
D. Wade Hands, University of Puget Sound
Discussant: Nicola Giocoli, University of Pisa
8:30pm Conference dinner : Café d'Enfer
10:00-10:45am Cold War, dynamic programming, and the science of economizing: Bellman strikes gold in policy space
Judy L. Klein, Mary Baldwin College
Discussant: Wade Hands, University of Puget Sound
10:45-11:30am Competition vs. property rights: American antitrust law, the Freiburg School and the early years of European competition policy
Nicola Giocoli, University of Pisa
Discussant: Albert Jolink (University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam)
11:30am Coffee/tea break
12:00-12:45pm The turn in and return of orthodoxy in recent economics
John B. Davis, Marquette University and University of Amsterdam
Discussant: Carlo Zappia, University of Siena
12:45pm Lunch