Sixth Annual Conference on the
History of Recent Economics

11-12 May 2012
CIPES and CEF.UP, University of Porto, Portugal.

The past decade has seen significant growth in work on the history of economics since WW2. The availability of source-materials has increased dramatically, new methods have been employed and scholars have looked across disciplinary boundaries. This work has produced insightful contextual histories of the development of economic ideas. We believe that the history of recent economics has developed to such an extent that it is worth bringing researchers together in a meeting devoted specifically to this period, and if this is successful to do so annually.

The organizing committee consists of Roger Backhouse (University of Birmingham), Philippe Fontaine (École normale supérieure de Cachan and Institut universitaire de France), Yann Giraud (Université de Cergy-Pontoise), Tiago Mata (Cambridge University) and Pedro Teixeira (CIPES, CEF.UP and FEP - University of Porto).

For any information about the conference, please contact Pedro Teixeira Pedro Teixeira,